Co-Inpetto Farm is a project of Co-Inpetto. At Co-Inpetto, we believe that the decentralized digital infrastructure is the innovation space for anchoring sustainable prosperity. Therefore we love to share the possibility for Threefold Farming.  

Threefold farmers connect hardware to the Threefold Grid. By connecting hardware to the Threefold Grid, sustainable cloud capacity comes available (1). Users of cloud capacity pay in TFT (Threefold tokens) (3) and farmers get rewarded (1).

Farmers and users of cloud capacity exchange between TFT to FIAT or other currencies (2).


Co-Inpetto Farm teams up with mission-led communities for Threefold Farming.
Their members become stronger thanks to token economics and knowledge sharing. They use these profits in their own projects. In that way, better prosperity will get multiplied, and that’s our final goal.

Do you want to start a Threefold farming setup for your community?
Or do you want to become part of one? Co-Inpetto Farm supports you in doing so. And as such to contribute to sustainable prosperity in an innovative and fun way.

Let’s connect. Because together
we will do better.


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Co-Inpetto Farm is a project of Co-Inpetto, partner of Weconomics Foundations