Privacy statement

1. We shared personal data of IT professionals and business consultants for recruitment with Strand Associates in 2011. We did it because we’ve been focussing for collaborative innovation thanks to ‘own-your-own data’ concepts in scalable digital infrastructures.
Read the privacy statement of Strand Associates.
2. To connect, share and inform about our innovation efforts we started a website and blog
3. If you use our contact form of the website, you transfer your name and mail address. We use these details to get in contact we you by mail.
4. People who wants to get delivered the blog by mail (= subscribers), share their e-mail address. The name of the blog is since July 2018 Tuesday Post.
5. E-mail addresses are stored in
6. On every Tuesday Post there is a link where subscribers can unsubscribe. When someone unsubscribes we delete the e-mail address in our systems.
7. We will share value propositions for segments of (potential) co-designers. We will ask for consent if we will start data to segment (potential) designers for sharing relevant information.
8. We comply to EU GDPR and invite you to contact us if you want to enforce your rights following the EU GDPR.

Contact details:

Lieve Vereycken
Veldkant 2
2550 Kontich

0032 472 29 15 34