LieveVereycken.Co has been a partner of Weconomics Foundations since 2014. 

Since 2022, Weconomics has been part of set-up 1 of Co-Inpetto Farm. A WCA (Weconomics agreement) underpins the intention of the participation and describes the arrangements between different parties involved. 

The execution of the WCA will be programmed to lower transaction costs and to organize accountability for algorithms. It will become a POC (proof of concept) for more set-ups and other agreements that serve the execution of transactions in community-oriented business models.

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LieveVereycken.Co makes use of the co-working space BLWRK. It has been a place for inspiration, warmth, beauty, exploration and connection. Since 2022 BLWRK is part of set-up 1 of Co-Inpetto Farm to enforce development of new business models.