Set-up 2

SET-UP 2 at TWICE (= campus TU/e) together with Weconomics members We are working on a Co-Inpetto Farm set-up at TWICE (= campus TUE/e) together with Weconomics members.  Contact me for more information.

Your Set-Up?

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Set-up 1

SET-UP 1: Weconomics Foundations + Co-WORKING LieveVereycken.Co has been a partner of Weconomics Foundations since 2014.  Since 2022, Weconomics has been part of set-up 1 of Co-Inpetto Farm. A WCA (Weconomics agreement) underpins the intention of the participation and describes the arrangements between different parties involved.  The execution of the WCA will be programmed to […]

Set-up 0

Set-up 0: Start-up Co-Inpetto Farm is a design project of Co-Inpetto. In September 2020 the first Threefold server started to run. Each set-up of Threefold Farming of Co-Inpetto Farm will serve a purpose for the members involved in the set-up.